History – Walk down the memory lane

It was early 2005 when two energetic business graduates based in Karachi conceived the idea of establishing a specialist company dedicated for the supply of light construction machinery. They coined the name ‘MAXEN’ with a twofold meaning MAX-EN ‘MAXIMUM- ENGINEERING’. Hence the company was registered as an importer and got engaged in sourcing of construction equipment from foreign manufacturers making it available for the local firms and government organizations.

From the beginning MAXEN was committed towards quality and it affiliated its supply chain with manufacturers around the globe having sizable name. To gain leverage in its local operation the management soon realized to up size its organizational structure. By 2007, the company was heard well in the four corners of the city so it took the operation nationwide. Maxen became the preferred construction equipment supplier among government organizations, private construction companies, institutions and NGOs by midst of 2008.

Remarkably an initiative of its kind was taken in 2009 by establishment of an in-house mechanical workshop. The same facilitated repairs and maintenance of the supplied construction equipment in a timely manner for client benefit. Today the same workshop services not only the supplied equipment but also facilitate onsite remedial actions through its team of technicians.

Fulfilling it social responsibility the team launched a massive training and development drive in 2010. The salient feature of this campaign was that it was absolutely ‘FREE OF COST’. Candidates from engineering background were motivated to be a part of these sessions conducted at MAXEN head office. The disciplines covered were land surveying, quantity surveying and material testing. In within short time period the group conferred hands on training thousands on candidates who are now working at job sites nationwide and some even internationally.

Moving on the management realized the importance of fostering its distribution channels deep down the national market. Officially in 2011 a network of authorized sub distributors was established that enabled products imported by MAXEN made available at various sale points in cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad etc.

The vibration in the name was audible with mutual team work, commitment to service and promise of quality. New scope of construction equipment was added from Korea, Italy for a larger choice of client by 2013. The company spent quite some time already in the business of light construction machinery and got tremendous acknowledgement from the market. The management then stepped in the business of heavy construction machinery by the end of 2014. The scope of equipment under MAXEN umbrella was magnified with this move. There were new associations the company made with European and Chinese manufacturers of Heavy and earth moving machinery by the end of 2015.

Today with the grace of Almighty, MAXEN finds itself a competent supplier and service provider for vast variety of construction equipment from countries like Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, China, All under one roof!