Wacker HMS

WACKER (GERMANY) Concrete Vibrators: 

The HMS range impresses with flexibility and economic
efficiency: The internal vibrators of this range are individually
configurable with different flexible shafts, vibrator heads and
engines. All equipment has a quick disconnect coupling for
simple and quick handling as well as mobile, easily portable
engines. The vibrator heads are induction hardened and
therefore offer high wear resistance.

The HMS range therefore offers adaptation capabilities for the requirements on every construction site.

  • Wide range of components: Flexible shafts 0.5 – 9 m,
    vibrator heads 25 – 65 mm, diesel, gasoline and electric
  • Serviceability: Low cost and time effort for maintenance jobs
    Durable components: Hardened vibrator head, durable
    housing, reinforced protection hose.


Concrete vibrators are the backbone for any civil engineering project. As the scope of structural engineering is fast moving it is near to impossible to achieve required concrete compaction without concrete vibrators.
The design of concrete vibrator shaft enables concrete vibration in typical applications like columns, slabs, raft foundations and roofs etc.

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